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Departmental focus: Product

Alex Bass San Francisco, California, United States
API best practices, Departmental focus: Product, Operational process improvement, Workflow development
Efficient App

We're Copper experts so that you don't have to be. We're a fun and friendly team that has worked with dozens of companies over the past 6+ years, he (show more)

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Interests: Motion, Dialpad, Google Workspace, Coda, Slite, Help Scout, PandaDoc, and Copper

Teppei Urabe Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Project management, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Product, Asana best practices

0→1フェーズのWebサービスの新規事業立ち上げ〜事業運営までのシステム化・実現、収益化が得意です。 I am a 0->1 Startups IT consultant. I have worked as a Project Manager for over decade. (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, EC, Enterprise, Startups, Programming, Team Building, and Program/Project Management

Ehab Bandar OAKLAND, California, United States
Asana best practices, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Design, Departmental focus: Product

Design and technology Silicon Valley veteran, working with banking/fintech, Fortune 500 companies and startups, to accelerate the impact of design and (show more)

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Interests: banking, innovation, creative process, product design, ux, and Fintech

Mulyadi Oey Jakarta, Jawa, Indonesia
Goal tracking, Departmental focus: Product, Departmental focus: HR, Productivity - team
Product Narrative

I am a “way of working” designer with multi-disciplinary expertise, which spans product management, software engineering, business development, and peo (show more)

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Interests: systems thinking, corporate learning, coaching, way of working, and product management

Mitko Petrov Sofia / London / Dubai, Sofia, Bulgaria
Departmental focus: Business Operations, Departmental focus: Product, Project management, Agile development
DMP Technology

Get help with Asana set up, team training, integrations and automation. Learn how to get more out of Asana and ensure your team successfully adopts the (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Workflows, Strategic Planning, Technology Advisory, Business Analysis, Business Processes, SCRUM, and Agile

Chelsie-Jean Fernandez Brooklyn, New York, United States
Change management - small teams, Departmental focus: Product, Departmental focus: Engineering, Project management
A Bunch of Creators

Chelsie started her career in e-commerce in the marketing sector with a focus on videography, photography and graphic design. She is the Co-Founder & H (show more)

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Interests: product management, process implementation, change management, scrum, agile, and project management