Jonathan Martinez

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

I help help teams get work done! , Manage Teamwork

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I am a freelance productivity consultant and I help teams plan and manage teamwork effortlessly, so everyone is clear on how they each contribute to tasks, priorities, projects and goals.

I do this with the help of Asana (among other progressive software) to help my clients get organised, view processes, track progress and reach deadlines.


I have worked for pharma, chemical, oil & gas, and tech companies over the course of my career as a marketing professional.

In each and every one of these organisations, I felt work could be managed and coordinated smarter. So much wasted time, lack work visibility into projects, siloed team disconnected departments and the list goes on and on.

Sounds familiar right?

The more I investigated, the more I noticed every team suffered from more or less the same productivity deficiencies plaguing managers of all kinds. I then became fascinated with helping colleagues improve their team's processes and how they coordinated work.

I was no longer helping companies sell more software, gadgets or pills, but rather helping people and teams become not only more productive and connected but also improving their engagement, morale and health.

In doing so, I felt alive and realised it was time to leave marketing and dedicate my time to help companies manage teamwork better.

This is my story and would love the opportunity to listen to yours.



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English, Dutch, Spanish


Automation/Rules, Teamwork Visibility, Work Smarter not Harder, Connected Team, Processes/Workflows, Productivity, Teamwork