Larry Berger

San Francisco, California, United States

Asana Consultant, Services Partner, Technology Partner, Forum Leader, Event Leader, Trilogi Solutions

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Leading Asana Consultant, Asana Services Partner, Technology Partner, Forum Leader, Event Leader

Not sure where to start? Stuck? Want to unlock Asana basic and advanced secrets? No time to read all the Asana docs?

A one-hour screen share + follow-up will leave you armed with proven solutions, best practices, and all your questions answered.

Our exclusive, self-paced training solution. This is the quickest, most efficient, cost-effective way I know of for an organization to adopt Asana usage and gain its true benefits. After completing Asana Citizen Training, your team will have the ability to very effectively use Asana to do your work and not slow each other down. Your team will achieve, and appreciate the value of, strong collaboration in Asana.

- Learn Asana in your Asana environment–by actually using Asana–at your own pace.
- Go through tasks in a single Asana 101 project with 12 short sections with timings in a little over 2 hours total, either all at once or 30 minutes daily for a week, then you’re an Asana Citizen!
- The Asana 101 tasks are made up of both my own proprietary material integrated with curated Asana videos and other learning resources.
- A half dozen unique supporting reference projects are also supplied on topics including Best Practices when to Asana vs. email, chat, and other related apps, and advanced Asana topics.
- Suitable both for those brand new to Asana (no instruction necessary) and for existing Asana users looking to level up.
- Track your entire team’s training progress in a single view.

Unsure if you need Asana consulting or if Larry Berger is the right consultant for you? Let's have a complimentary, fifteen-minute call to explore.

What I Offer

Organized, efficient, and productive define my clients' success.

Solutions from simple to complex include training and user onboarding to ensure best practices take hold.

Tailored workflow design and powerful, off-the-shelf and custom integrations where needed allow you to achieve the specific results you need with the minimum overhead.

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I'm one of just a few leading Asana consultants worldwide, and an expert in Asana usage, workflows, and API.

As an Asana early adopter (2012), consultant, beta tester, and community contributor, I was selected to participate in the Asana Certified Pro pilot program and became one of the first.

I'm a Forum Leader and active in the Asana Community Forum ( so you can assess my value via my contributions there. I am #1, even ahead of Asana personnel, in posts read (over 90k) and viewed. I am in the top three, besides Asana personnel, for likes received and replies.

I created the versatile and popular Asana2Go which has over 10k installations.

I have over twenty years of enterprise (Fortune 500), small business, and freelance experience as a project and staff manager, information architect, interaction designer, usability specialist, and developer.


- Asana CItizen Training exclusive, targeted, rapid, self-paced training in Asana

- Help you to gain the full benefits from all that Asana has to offer and broaden the scope of your Asana usage

- Assess your unique environment and needs

- Design or improve your existing Asana workflows

- Create startup, deployment, and onboarding plans

- Train your Asana users with the right approach cost-effectively

- Ensure that best practices are followed from the outset and take hold across all users/teams

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