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Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

Supporting business owners by working better with Strategic Planning & Work Management Systems, My Virtual Partnr

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Hello, My name is Barbara Ramirez 👋 Co-Founder of My Virtual Partnr.

We help SMEs, Coaches & Entrepreneurs achieve their goals with simplified processes with tools like Asana. I'm an OBM & Productivity Coach, and at My Virtual Partnr we work with people and organizations all over the world, helping them design, implement and maintain a very organized system that fits with their needs, based 100% on Asana.

Watch our most recent webinar to learn how to UPGRADE your business operations with a simple framework, and Asana:

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We take very seriously smart work and keep constant learning as one of our main passions. We help small businesses and entrepreneurs get their business on track with the use of Asana:
✔️Creating a company wiki site to document processes and all Asana projects needed in order to keep order and accountability.
✔️Review the current Asana structure and help to organize it using Asana's best practices.
✔️Provide training for you and your team in the best use of Asana and any process or improvement implemented; all of our training is 100% remote.
✔️1:1 Business Coaching for SMEs, Coaches & Entrepreneurs.
✔️Time management and custom productivity systems integrations with Asana.

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Spanish (native), English (fluent).


training, best practices, workflow implementation, sop, productivity, goal setting, strategic planning