Diogène Ntirandekura

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Digital transformation consultant, ERP Happy

Available for:

I am a bilingual digital transformation consultant with 13 years of experience in the industry. I worked in Europe, North America and China. I work with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations who need to:

- improve their processes;
- improve their project management practices; and
- successfully do change management to foster user adoption in your teams.


As a certified pro, I provide the following services to your organization:

1. Asana training: I offer training for beginners or advanced users. I have a generic training material that can be enhanced with specific features that your team requires. Onboarding is an important part of the training, I take special attention to the change management aspects of the training that will facilitate user adoption. We can start the training by using generic or specific templates according to your requirements.

2. Asana consulting: in order to run your team more efficiently, I implement and show you how to use Asana to optimize your processes and operations.
For 13 years, I have worked as an ERP consultant on software implementations with organizations in Western Europe, Canada and China therefore I am used to work in this context. I can accompany your organization at all stages of your use of Asana.

I help you with the design of your processes, the migration of data, the test runs required, going live with Asana and providing ongoing operational support.

3. Asana project management: For your project team members, I help you to leverage Asana to communicate and collaborate on the tasks executed on your projects. Whether you want an approach that is agile or waterfall, we can help you optimize Asana for running your projects. The size of the project team does not matter.