Ibon Azkoitia

Bilbao, PaĆ­s Vasco / Euskal Herria, Spain

Productivity Consultant, Freelance

Available for:

Welcome to my profile... hope we make this visit productive!

I've been working with Asana since 2015 and I'm focused on helping other freelance and startups to be 100% productive.

Website: https://www.ibonazkoitia.com


Let's go deeper on who I am. I'm a Freelance Productivity Consultant based in Bilbao (although I travel as much as I can).

I love to travel, meeting new people and launching new projects and trying new things. But... our days have 24 hours and we must make most from them.

Having this in mind, I've been working and perfectioning my Productivity skills and workflow. Usually people asks me how is possible for me to do so many things and projects...

And there is where Asana appears. Asana handles all my tasks and projects and makes it possible, it's my Philosopher Stone.

But productivity it's much more than a Task Management software (Asana), it's based in habits and workflows. That's what I can help you with, to find the best workflows for your work and day.