Alvina Quek

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Experience Designer | EcoDistrict Accredited Pro ,

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Asana has been with me on every project & virtually every other aspect of my special-kind-of-crazy and a "favourite member of my family", I cannot wait to introduce you to.

Unjamming "pinch points" with Ideas-Aplenty-but-Resource & Time- Challenged Creatives| Designers |Producers & their Teams in the Design, Wellness & Entertainment Space is my zone of genius.


An Experience Designer for the last decade, I spend my days...and nights dreaming up new ways to combine cutting edge technology with old school tricks in the service of wonder.

Big & Complex into Personal & Gorgeous.

From Stuck In Workflow-Traffic to a Relaxing Convertible-Worthy Journey, I help people to:
BRAKE: Understand & Streamline Projects, Processes & Workflows
ROADMAP: Strategise, Design & Build Asana Boards/ Lists which Clear Bottlenecks & Overlaps for your Business, Clients & Collaborators
DRIVE: Moving the “Behavioural Needle” on Asana Buy-In and How Best to Integrate Existing File Sharing| Timekeeping | Invoicing | Emails | Apps
PARK: Develop and Maintain Best Practises, Habits & Templates

Together with award winning Architectural, Eco-Centric and Design Firms, in Public Consultations, International Festivals and National Conferences, I produce simple, emotionally nuanced solutions and experiences.

Experiences, which On or Offline, seamlessly deliver on a company's brand promise and remind people who they are (on time and on budget)...And I wrangle every little detail with Asana.

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