Mella Stegs

Järvsö, Gävleborgs län, Sweden

Consultant, Stegs and Sisters

Available for:

I help teams that work on different types of projects and processes that are adapted to the client's needs. My role is to guide them to work efficiently in Asana. My speciality is setting up workflows and structures in Asana that involves internal and external teams including customers and gig consultants.


I use Asana for everything. Partly for my own company structures, meetings, projects, planning and work request but also for other companies.

I have implemented Asana on large companies as well as on smaller projects where the scope of Asana is adapted to the customer's needs. Sometimes it is a simple structure and sometimes more complex flows and integrations are needed, for example Adobe, Getharvest or Salesforce.

Sometimes external parties and remote teams are also involved in different types of collaborative projects and there I educate all participants and monitor to ensure that the processes really work.

In each project, I start by making a discovery to create a picture of what would work best for the client. I then help to set up the flow and educate in Asana by also anchoring the purpose of the project or process. For me, it is important that the customer does not receive more or less help than they need.

I have worked with project management for 16 years in several different industries so I have experience of the broad picture in projects and what complexities can be found, but also how projects can grow out of scope and become cluttered and unclear.