Burhaan Pattel

Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Bangkok, Thailand

CEO and Founder, Bridgeight

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I help make digital marketing and systems easier. We work with businesses who are serious about ramping up their marketing and productivity efforts. We believe that a good a marketing strategy also needs a solid internal process to service, manage and handle the influx of new business.


Business owners are overwhelmed by everything they need to run their business. you need to actively seek new clients or customers, manage internal systems, produce content for marketing, create strategies, develop the team, build an audience and deal with all the other tech requirements of your website and internal systems.

We make the tech side of your business hassle-free. We manage all the elements of the online side of your business including their marketing funnels, training programs, email automation, event registration, advertising and internal systems. By providing you a dependable and reliable process you can get back to doing what they do best knowing that the tech side of their business is taken care of.