Andreanne Gaudet

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Operation Specialist, Avenue Business Consulting

Available for:

[Entrepreneur, Project Manager & Operation Consultant]
Organizational Efficiency and Operation Optimization junkie and advocate! I help businesses and teams maximize efficiency, productivity, and profit!

I have 5 years of expertise in Operation Management & Development, as well as Business Expansion. I am also a Project Management Professional which allows me to successfully accompany my clients through operation implementation and improvement.


I help entrepreneurs and business owners implement the ideal and most optimal Operating Model for their business enabling a transition from hands-on Business OPERATOR to hands-off Business OWNER!

I enable business owners to work on their business instead of in their business through a simple 3 steps process: Stabilize, Streamline and Scale.

Being an Asana Certified Pro allows doing so through a seamless process for the business owner.