Jonathan Yankovich

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Organizational Agility Advisor, Effective Institute for Change

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I've been using Asana for years, and love helping people get the benefits that come from using it. Day to day I work with companies to help them implement Asana to support Teal, self-management and Holacracy practices. I also give talks about how to apply Agile principles in all areas of business, and create content for YouTube. I dedicate 20% of my time to teaching and outreach to help people with everything I’ve mentioned above; find their purpose, work better together, and be happier. Let me know if you’d like to chat, I’d love to hear from you!


Recovering software developer turned organizational design consultant, Jonathan Yankovich holds a coach-level certification in Holacracy, the most popular, complete agile business management system in the world.  Jonathan has deep experience with Holacracy, learning first-hand at HolacracyOne where he held over 12 roles during 4 years of service.  He expresses his purpose through public speaking on self-management and the future of work, offering consulting services at the Effective Institute, developing the self-management software tool Teal Dog, and publishing the "Work Better Together" channel on YouTube. 

These practices transformational, exciting, and sometimes confrontational. When you hold a mirror to how things work hope. Holding a mirror to your organization structure and processes candy can’t seem like bad news at first, but only wants the bad news is recognized can we make a difference.