Oleg Topilskiy

Saint-Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

CEO, OneGogh

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OneGogh is an independent full-service digital agency helping businesses of all scales, shapes and forms to plan steps, map out goals and find their own standing within the community.


Breaking the language barrier
We have our very own extensive program that helps others, no matter what language they speak — which sometimes, to be honest, could be a problem for some in our neck of the woods: the majority of the former Soviet Union's population speaks only their native languages and Russian — to learn and understand this tool we consider to be one of the best we've ever come across. So we'll probably have a good talk with our partners (or clients) and explain in great details why they need Asana to keep everything in check. Then we proceed in, should we say, not an uncool manner and present them with our body of work, which consists of screencasts, gifs, manuals and cards depicting everything they need to know — in their native language. We're nothing if not thorough. After all, it is all a part of our business strategy and way of thinking.

Keeping tabs on the art
Working on the Banksy Exhibition Russia, we created something remarkable. 'Art database' we called it in Russian. But it was so much more: every piece of art, every location and destination, condition reports, prices, audioguides, info, texts — all stored in one place. In four languages!

One glance was enough to understand where the artwork was, where it's heading, how much does it costs and which one of the two original prints it is.

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Russian, English


Education, Design Thinking, Football, Motorsport, Exhibitions, Art