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Hello team!

I'm Richard, your guide to better tasks management. Asana, removes the work about doing work through automations and as a seasoned project manager, I can show you every trick to get the most out of Asana.

I provide training in Asana's automation, workflows and reporting.

Need to extend Asana? There is an app for that! Or we can build one for you.


I have been managing back when project plans were written down. I have used several project management tools over the years and I can quickly say Asana is the best. Not only does Asana have so many of the tools you need, Asana is extendable via apps, so there is literally nothing we can't do.

It is all about process. I've learned that no matter the environment or tasks or outcomes, when you have a solid process your expectations are better met. I will help you perfect your process with the following:

Define the Outcome
What is the expectations of your project? What does success look like? What are the areas that are ridged in their execution or flexible.

What are the Dependencies
Get the order of execution correct or your timeline will suffer and therefore your budget.

Roles and Responsibilities
Define at the start who is responsible for what and make sure they know it.

Set Workflows
Workflows help people interact with tasks at key points in the lifecycle. With Asana, we can control that workflow with Rules. We can update tasks, notify collaborators and even reach out to 3rd party apps such as Slack, Jira, Zoom, and so much more. We can build a custom app for your Asana or help you integrate existing apps.

Speaking of rules. Asana does a great job of providing Triggers and Actions but perhaps you need a custom rules engine for your unique workflows. We can build that.

Rinse and Repeat
Get recurring processes into templates so they can be deployed quickly. Templates also help your team conform to company standards, best practices, and documentation by linking out to these resources or outright listing them within the task.

Lessons Learned (Kaisen)
Never retrospect what you could have done better, but rather, start a task at the beginning of each project where people can note issues and improvements as they happen. This is when the pain is most clear and easier to define.

If the above is executed properly, Asana can make managing the project easier. And not only that, with Asana autonomous capabilities, you can scale your business more quickly.

I can show you how and set you up in Asana in under 50 hours. So let's connect and get your processes working for you so you can grow your business.

Thanks for reading!
Richard Getz
IT/Development, Marketing, HR, Financing, and more.

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