Hamza Errouaki

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Senior Project Manager, Think Blue Inc.

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Hi I'm Hamza! Using it the right way Asana is a powerful tool, let me help your team to function better and to create a solid management workflow.


Senior Project Manager with over 17 years of experience in Project Management, Implementing Asana & Training. I have had the chance to work with several customers and have worked in different departments (IT, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Operations, HR, Finance, Customer & IT Support) where I was able to successfully implement Asana to meet the needs of each department.

Contact me for:

- Onboarding new users;
- Asana and its best practices;
- Process automation;
- Reporting (Dashboards and project follow-up);
- Management tools;
- Operational process improvement;
- Training and support (remote or in person);
- Work flow development;
- Remote working management;
- How you can use Asana to grow your business;
- How you can use Asana to manage your projects;
- How you can use Asana for time management;
- Or anything related to Asana.

It will be a pleasure for me to help you and answer your questions.

Use this link to get a free month when you sign up for Asana Premium or Business plans: https://asana.grsm.io/hamza - (note that I may receive compensation when you use my referral link).

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Language Proficiencies:

English (functional), French (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Arabic (fluent)


Enjoy every moment, Discover the world, Useful technology, Saving our planet, Helping animals, Helping People